Miami Herald

Averting a News Breakdown

SITUATION – Many Requirements, Little Time

When the Miami Herald’s headquarters were sold by its parent company, the newspaper was in a time crunch to find and move into a new space meeting several challenging requirements:

  • Large space needs, including offices (160,000 SF), production facility (119,000 SF) and 700+ parking spaces
  • Narrow geographic boundaries and budget
  • Time constraints as production facility had to be ready in 18 months

STRATEGY – Seamless Teamwork and In-Depth Analysis

The Blanca team got to work. We:

  • Assembled consultant team of development and construction professionals
  • Conducted full market assessment
  • Presented several options to client
  • Managed multiple simultaneous negotiations

RESULTS – Success Well-Worth Heralding

The Blanca team secured a long-term lease for the Miami Herald’s corporate offices, negotiating the purchase of the adjacent six-acre site to build the production facility, at highly attractive economic terms.