Landlord Representation

Your Trusted Partner

As a landlord or developer, you can be confident that you have the best. Our elite team of passionate experts will maximize the value of your assets through our results-oriented leasing commercial leasing programs. We deliver swift and profitable leasing solutions for commercial and office space in the tri-county area of South Florida through in-depth asset assessments, branding and positioning, combined with a proactive approach to tenant retention, canvassing, leasing and target marketing. 

Our teams are not just brokers; they are creative problem solvers who deliver on what’s best for you and your projects, from branding and marketing strategies to strategic building improvements or enhancements and spec-suite programs. 

We understand that you have a sense of urgency when it comes to securing the right tenants, so we do too. We leverage our in-house marketing and branding capabilities and market insights for your benefit to rapidly lease to the clients you most want in your commercial and office buildings.  Creating unique opportunities to differentiate your assets in the competitive market and drive demand is our constant goal. 

In addition to traditional commercial space and office space leasing, we also specialize in medical healthcare leasing. Doctors, labs and other medical tech practices in Miami-Dade County and the tri-county area rely on our team for great results. 

We invest extensive resources to deliver powerful outcomes for your assets quickly.