Securing Quality Tenants. Fast.

SITUATION –Tall Obstacles for a Skyscraper

With zero pre-leasing at the time of our engagement, 1450 Brickell faced significant hurdles, including:

  • Tenant aversion to being first in an otherwise empty building
  • Perceived location issues at the “end” of Brickell
  • Unknown financial capability of ownership group

STRATEGY – Leverage Marketing and Branding

The Blanca team turned potential problems into opportunities:

  • Positioning building at “Brickell’s entrance”, rather than “end”
  • Communicating building’s attributes and financial strength of ownership group

RESULTS – Creatively-Driven Leasing Success

Within 5 months of engagement, the Blanca team had:

  • Executed an 80,000 square foot anchor tenant lease within 5 months of engagement
  • Achieved 40% pre-lease at T.C.O. within 12 months of engagement
  • 98% leased within 36 months of C.O.
  • Consistently achieving top rents in Brickell