Welcome Back to the Office

Organizations around the world are adjusting to what many believe will be the new normal as workers begin to slowly transition back to an office environment. Many considerations ranging from janitorial protocols and operating building standards to social distancing requirements and utilization of space may permanently alter the way we interact with others in the workplace.

Building owners and tenants will find it crucial to develop a comprehensive plan that works for each asset or location. It will require a plan that helps address what will likely be, the most important question being asked: Do I feel safe at work? The action plan should have detailed phases and be clearly communicated to all building occupants along with additional recommendations of protocols to be implemented in each leased space.

The intent as we envision, is for stakeholders – landlords and tenants, to use a multidisciplinary approach and collaborate with key individuals to plan and execute on the return-to-work place strategy that is in their respective best interests. These individuals should include Risk Management, Legal, Human Resources, Financial, C-suite, Board and subject matter experts that provide unique perspectives.

While every building is unique, there are a few drivers or core areas that are paramount to every policy or procedures that may be put into place by landlords and tenants which will affect the total operation and create a stable pathway towards regaining ‘normalcy’. These core areas will help ensure the health and safety of employees returning to work.