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MIAMI – March 31, 2022 –What has been the biggest challenge in your particular role and how have you overcome those obstacles? My passion has always been to create and support the implementation of winning strategies for our clients. To accomplish this, my focus has been to build a team of top industry professionals that share my values, that care and are passionate about achieving success for our clients. Early on after launching the firm the operations of the business required more of my time than I enjoyed. I therefore had to focus on building a C-Suite of top talent in their respective areas of expertise Most recently, we have expanded our C-suite, brokerage team, and in-house marketing and research teams with top talent. We have also invested in the latest technologies that allow us to provide strategic insight to our clients, streamlined our operations, and set new standards in the market. These initiatives have allowed me to focus on client relationships and service, strategies to drive value for our clients, our overall company vision and lastly but not least, supporting negotiations and successful execution of deals.

What about your current role/position at the company are you most happy with? I am most happy working closely with our clients and our team creating and helping implement strategies that result in terrific outcomes for our clients. I also enjoy and feel grateful for having the privilege of helping unlock the full potential of my colleagues.

What is the best piece of advice you have received that has helped you succeed in your industry? It is all about how you show up, not only for your team and your clients but also for yourself. Being present, doing things with integrity and having good intentions goes a long way regardless of the industry you are in. A friend recently shared a post about the difference between passive and active patience. I encourage future leaders to embrace active patience which demands action and intention, even while waiting for results. Take time to build the skills you need to put yourself in the best position to succeed. There is almost always an action you can take to improve the odds. Be active in the moment but patient with the results. Think about this as you accelerate in your career, whether you are part of a team or building one.

How would you advise someone to succeed in the industry? It is an exciting time to be in the CRE industry, specifically in South Florida. I encourage young professionals to actively learn about all aspects of CRE. Having the flexibility to collaborate with different team members on a diverse array of projects will allow you to learn different perspectives and help you align yourself with areas you feel you can excel in. Build relationships with mentors in and out of the CRE industry. Put in the work and stay focused. Be curious, ask questions, set goals, hold yourself accountable, be proactive to participate and contribute. When you start succeeding, give back, pay it forward and know and stay true to your priorities.

Please share an initiative that you are working on that you are most proud of. I am very proud and passionate about the track record of success we have built since launching the firm in 2009. Today, I am excited about our investment in technology and unique platforms that will change how we capture data, provide real-time insight, and provide our clients unique foresight on market dynamics and opportunities.

In your opinion, what takeaways did we learn from the COVID-19 crisis? Communication is key. There is no such thing as over-communicating with your team, your clients, or your counterparts. Being flexible and nimble will set you apart especially in times of crisis and your ability to adapt and find solutions to unique situations will be valued. Embracing technology and new systems is a must.

What three terms would you use to describe your work mindset? Be present, mindful, and curious. Show up with enthusiasm and lead by example. A “no” will only get you closer to a “YES”. Stay focused, persistent and you will make it happen.

Where would you say commercial real estate needs to improve for women? We need to continue to cultivate the next generation of CRE women leaders by investing time in mentoring, supporting, networking, and expanding your team with young women who are eager to succeed within the industry.

How can women better position themselves for success both in general and in your specific area of focus? Focus on education and building relationships with mentors and sponsors from whom you can learn and who can guide you to the right opportunities. Put in the work and always expand your knowledge within your field. Lastly, know your worth and value what you bring to the table: Ask for the business, take on more responsibility, ask for the raise.

What, in particular, can women bring to the table as the industry continues to grapple and come out of the COVID-19 crisis? Their ability to lead with a commitment to building collaborative teams and executing on strategies that successfully create inclusiveness and diversity. Today, showing you value and genuinely care about your team and clients is a differentiator.


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