Daniella Aragon-Andre
Levy Public Relations

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Welcome to Part IV of our Power Leaders 250 online package.

Today, we share executives that excel in the Real Estate field.

Selected by our editorial team, our Power Leaders 250 spotlights winning executives across the tri-county region’s major sectors. Its our way of celebrating the many business leaders that help grow our diverse business market and advance our local economy.

Blanca founded her firm in 2009 and today leads a team of 45 professionals. Together, they have leased more than 15.5 million square feet, including full lease-up at The Main Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale and The Plaza Coral Gables.

Birthplace: Havana, Cuba

Education: B.B.A., MBA, University of Miami

What I enjoy most about my industry: The long-term relationships and friendships, winning on behalf of our clients, and the dynamic nature of commercial real estate.

How AI will change my industry: It will impact the leasing and sales process, streamlining and expediting the transaction cycle, facilitating and enhancing the quality of data and analytics, and driving efficiencies across all building operations.

I positively impact my community by: Playing an active leadership role in industry, civic and philanthropic organizations and by encouraging our team to also participate., 305-577-8851